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British Heart Foundation 2018 Ride

I would like to share with everyone that on Sunday 13th May I will be taking part in the British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride, this year I will be doing the 30 mile route. The event is open to everyone and no matter what you ability on a bike everyone can take part.

Follow me...

On the day I will be sharing my location via my Garmin tracker, I will post a link on my social media pages

JellyBean Photography Facebook Page:

You will be able to see here I am on the route and follow me from the comfort of your own sofa.
I am to start the course at 9am on Sunday and the link will become live then.


On the day I will try and get some selfie's taken and get them posted to my Instagram Page.

How Long?

I am hoping to get the course done in 2 hours so fingers crossed and I will let you all know the time it took via all the social media links listed in the post above. 
We start and finish at the Cheltenham Racecourse where The British Heart Foundation put on entertainment and refreshments and food for all.

Hope to see some of you there.

So that's all the information about the event and I have got as much practise in as I could for this year and I will look forward to seeing some of you there on the day and if you see me or any of the riders on Sunday please give them some encouragement so we can raise some money for a very worth cause.  

Scott Taylor's Cycling Jersey BHF Cotswold Ride 2018
Scott Taylor's Cycling Jersey BHF Cotswold Ride 2018

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