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My Little Model

My Little Model helping me out in the studio.

We have a model in the studio

My beautiful daughter decided it was time for a dresses photoshoot, so she searches through all her wardrobe and finds out all the dresses she wants to model in and she say's 'Daddy, set up the lights ready for my photoshoot', not one to disappoint I get all the studio lights out and start setting them up ready for the little model.

After about 20 minutes in comes the model, 'Im ready!' she announces. We had a great time doing some modelling poses and fun poses, for a model of the age of 5 she really gets into it and lots being in front and behind the camera.

after about a 1 hour and half we finally call it a day and its then time for me to get all the images edited so she can see them and wants to get them printed for her photo album.

Images from the shoot

Here are some of the images from the shoot and I cant thank my little model enough she made me proud as a dad and really helped with my photography ideas and poses.

A HUGE Thank You

My two gorgeous girls, they both mean the world to me and they are so amazing at helping me out with shoots and Ellie loves telling mommy 'You need to pose like this mommy'. A very proud dad and husband and without them I wouldn't be where I am today. 

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