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Halloween time and we decided we was going to make a pumpkin face.

So Halloween is upon us and in the Taylor household we decided that Ellie, our daughter wanted to design and make the halloween pumpkin, so we started off with the pumpkin and a sharpie marker and started drawing her scary pumpkin face.

I have to say for a 5 year old she loved the whole process from drawing it to cutting it out with her new little pumpkin carving set and gutting the inside of the pumpkin to make her 'ideal pumpkin'.

Her are a few pictures of the final design and after putting a few candles in she absolutely loved it and wanted to put it in the living room so she could see it.

Ellie's Pumpkin

Ellie wanted to give the pumpkin proper eyes, so we decided to get creative and put the eye out and then cut a small piece out for create the pupil and we used two cocktail sticks to allow us to centre the pupils in the eye of the pumpkin.
Ellie was really impressed and counting it was her first time doing a pumpkin I can say I was very proud and better than anything I could have done, a very proud daddy.

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