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Coding Week with changes all round to enhance the website.

So this week have been a little different, I have decided that some changes needed to be started for the website, we have been spending time looking at SEO for the website and we are aware of somethings that need to be improved to make it better for me but mostly better for all of you.

The changes we have started on are:

  • The Menu - Separation of the services page.
  • Icons - We wanted to update the icons for all our social media links and to make them displayed in multiple places on the site.
  • CSS tidying - after all the changes we make we have to tidy up the .css file as this needs to be maintained so that it becomes efficient. 
Why not jump over to the site and check out all the changes and let us know what you think.

You can leave your feedback on any of our social media sites or email or by using

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